“I have too many problems in life”, “That’s not my problem”. We have heard this phrases over and over again in our lives. Truthfully speaking, we have problems the moment we are born to this world. At the same time, we become a problem to someone else. Sure a baby is the gift of life, it is also a problem of life. Everywhere you look, there is always a problem. There are billions of solutions to billions of problems. The most important problem all of us have is actually understanding ourselves. Think about it, how many of us understand who we are? If we do, how deep do we understand ourselves?

The core solution to every problem is that there is no single solution to everything. The society however, teaches us otherwise which is good to a certain extent. To truly understand a problem, we must look for its roots. Its roots lie deep within us, in areas men are yet to be capable of exploring but his own. The most sophisticated thing in the universe known to men and we all have it, THE MIND. Our mind is the problem and solution to everything in the world. Without it, we would not survive. With it, we destroy everything else. 

The skills to solving problems does not come overnight, it has to be trained and tested. To be honed to perfection. It all begins at a young age but there will never be an age too old to learn it. A problem arises when we are unsatisfied about something, when we think something is out of its place, when we feel that it does not suit our personality. The question is; Is it a problem to you OR Are you the problem. The first step to this journey is to accept life as it is, not admitting defeat but to understand that there are some things which are out of your control.

You are the master of your own life, your own problems, your own solutions. When a problem arises, do not back down and do not mindlessly charge towards it. Think, that is what differs us from most of the other animals. Our ability to think should not be taken for granted. Our mind can delve deeper that the universe that we have ever known, it can go to areas so deep that it is beyond our imagination but if we can understand it, we can understand who we really are and how to solve our problems.

The second step however, requires more courage and persistence. We have to become an optimist regardless of what our problems are. Optimism does not disregard realistic or pessimistic views of life but instead measure the viability of our decisions. When we are optimistic, we open our minds and our hearts to a field of ideas, we think that everything has a possibility regardless of how slim it is. We have HOPE. We BELIEVE in our ability to solve problems. We improve our self efficacy and that in turn will make us sensational problem solvers.

The world will forever have a place for problem solvers regardless of where you come from. The world will forever have problems for us to solve, for us to help liberate them from their mind-blowing problems. To do this, we must understand ourselves and believe in our abilities. Only then will you give people courage to believe in your skills and allow you to help them reduce their stress. We all have our own problems but if we work together, slowly we will be able to drastically reduce the amount of problems we have and of course, live in a much better world. Thank you and May the Force be with You.


Luck – How to improve it

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“Why are you always so lucky”, I have been asked this very question countless times. Well, LUCK is actually not the “luck” you thought up to this very moment. On the contrary, you are the sole cause of your luck. To actually feel “lucky”, you need to have one of the most important traits in life, Optimism. Being an optimistic person, you will see the good in everything and feel lucky in whatever you do. Try it once at least and you will want to go back for more, this is a very good addiction.

To improve your luck, you also have to improve you innate ability of sensing danger. As you may be aware, the same mechanisms work for sensing danger as sensing opportunities but it is much easier to learn when you feel threatened, it will multiply your learning skill and significantly reduce your learning period. Besides that, you can also improve your reaction time towards everything that is thrown at you, both physically and mentally of course. By learning how to sense danger, you also tend to improve your “gut feel”. Have you ever had a feeling that an event may occur before it happens and it eventually does as you predicted? This feeling can be trained and developed further to increase your chances of the so called “prediction”.

Being lucky is all about chances, there are plenty of chances around you if you just take the time and look around you. Take the opportunity to learn at every chance you get. Moreover, by increasing your experience on the job, you will be able to spot even better opportunities when the time comes. Calculating the probability of the risk and reward of what you want to accomplish also contributes significantly in your quest to improve your luck. Weigh in the options and decide the best possible pathway to take and the necessary risk to multiply your “luck”. You also have to be wise at making choices. Before your “gut feel” is trained, try not to rely too much on it and just ponder the positives that the thing brings you.

If you ever have a chance to grab a book called “THE SURVIVOR’S CLUB”, make sure that you get it and read it. It guides you on the decision makings and one of the most important lesson is to expand your field of knowledge. That means read more, experience more, talk more and learn more from experienced people but please note that old does not equals wise. Age does not tell the wisdom of a person but the way the express themselves tells the maturity of their mind. Bear in mind that you can also learn a lot from people much younger than you. This may sound like a cliche but learning is indeed a lifelong journey. We should never stop learning and we should always assist others if they really need it. Some people may think that they are flawless but as humans, we all have a weakness we have to improve and we must always work towards the goal of self-improvement.

Nevertheless, trial and error is one of the best ways to improve your luck. It may sound weird but this is indeed a very viable option. Imagine if Thomas Edison stopped experimenting after his 10th failure, we would not be so lucky to enjoy his amazing invention and the world would still be using candle lights and oil lamps. We must also believe in ourselves in everything you do. Be confident but not cocky, be strict but do not bully. When we have a high self efficacy, we will succeed in every task we encounter. Is it luck that so few people are always lucky? The answer is no. There is a formula to improve your luck, it is slightly different for everyone but it follows the same basis. If you really put an effort to do all of the above, you would feel like the luckiest person in the world for the rest of your life. If you are wondering whether is it worth it? Try doing all the above and answer yourself. If you are reading this article, you are one step closer to a luckier future. Thank you and May the Force be with You.


Thinking…… We all know how to think but most people do not realize that there is a proper way to think. From a young age, we have been shaped by society to think a certain way. Majority of us are brought up with the idea that we should get the best grades so that we can get the best jobs to work under someone. I have observed countless amounts of people whose main purpose in life is to earn money. However, their method of earning money will be working under a certain company with jobs such as Aeronautical Engineering or even Petroleum Engineering.

We have been shaped by society to think that money is the most important thing. If your dream is to earn plenty of money, I can immediately tell you that you are part of the 90% of the world’s population who are thinking incorrectly. I quote from the movie “3 Idiots”, “Pursue excellence, success will follow, pants down”. If you have watched the movie, you would understand but if you have not, I suggest you watch it and understand it. The lessons that we learn from this particular movie can be implemented in our everyday life. We will not only lead a happy life but also a successful one.

Thinking may have always been an innate skill for the human race but we often take it for granted. Personally, I improved my ability to think by discussing with more experienced people and reading self help books. There are plenty of ways to improve but I found these two methods to be the most helpful. It is true that you can understand the depth of a person’s thought when he opens his mouth to speak. Previously, I had no idea that it was possible and did not know how it worked but as I reached a higher level of thinking, a whole new world opens up. When you reached a certain stage, you will tend to question everything. It may sound like a cliche but it really happens.

The thinking goes on forever once you begin, even when you are trying to sleep, your head calculates and makes decisions from different scenarios. You tend to work out every possible solution that you can think of. If you still have not caught the drift yet, thinking like this can substantially improve you problem solving skills. Besides that, the more you think, the more you want to know, it becomes a hunger for knowledge. It is a difficult feeling to explain but the moment you reach the point, you will feel it and understand. At this point in time, we also tend to plan out our next moves and aspirations to minute details, so much information at once that sometimes causes an overload effect.

As for the issue about “Money”, think about it. If you work under someone, you may have very high salary and that it may gradually rise year after year but there is a limit to the amount that you can earn. All the billionaires in the world do not work for anyone, they may work with but they are always at the top of the food chain. Ponder this for a moment, if your goal in life is to earn money, what is the purpose of earning it. Imagine if you worked until the age of 60 and saved a couple of million dollars in your bank. What use will the money be for you besides paying your insurance and medical bills.

The above statement does not imply that you should use every penny you earn but instead use the money when it is necessary. There will be times when saving is the better option and there are times when spending is better. To know when is the most suitable time, you must think of the consequences, this is where the “hyper-thinking” comes in handy. Life is all about probabilities and taking chances. Luck as people love to call it is actually not “luck” at all, neither are “accidents”. Both of them happened because of a chain of events and decision making, with “hyper-thinking” we can actually improve our “luck” and reduce the unwanted “accidents” that occur in our lives.

My topic for next week will continue on the topic of “LUCK” but before you can understand it, you must look at the bigger picture. Every action we make happens because we thought about it, if we can improve our ability to think, the number of actions that we can achieve will be significantly higher thus opening up endless possibilities. I cannot tell you how to think properly as everyone has their own way of thinking, you may find a like minded person but ultimately, like our DNA and finger prints, we are unique. There is no certain time frame for you to achieve a higher level of thinking, it all depends on you and your pursuit for a better future. I wish you luck in your quest to a more enlightened thought process. Thank you and May the Force be with you.

Hello again, if you have yet to read my previous posts about my manner of blogging, please read them before reading this post. So, if you do not know what Globalization is, Google it and you can find all the answer you need. First off, I have to say that if it was not for globalization, I would not be typing this at all, neither will you ever be reading it. A world without borders may seem a little daunting at first because there are plenty of issues we must solve, primarily sovereignty.  However, if we manage to open up our world, we will be able to create countless amounts of job opportunities. I often hear people argue that if globalization occurs, they will lose their jobs to those who would take a lower pay.

Is that all you think about? I mean if globalization actually occurs, we can reduce the living cost throughout the world substantially. This can only be a dream for there will always be greedy people in this world, they cause all of the fighting and war. In a war, everyone thinks they are doing the right thing but the truth is that none of them really are. In that dream, the world is a Scandinavian country in a large scale. If you are wondering how are they related, read up on the Nordic Model. They have free Education until University level and free Lifetime Healthcare but comes at a cost of being the highest taxed countries in the world. 

With globalization, comes an open economy. That means the choices just flew over the roof, generally, people prefer to have an option to choose but then again, there are 2 sides to a coin. Imagine having 100 types of cereal in one section, it will be extremely time consuming plus it takes a tremendous amount of space. Nonetheless, we can get they best quality at the best price, aren’t that what consumers always wanted? We want to have the best of everything, who doesn’t (no sarcasm intended). Moreover, a new trade system has to be set up, maybe even a new currency that can be used globally without being affected by a certain country or countries.

Everything does not become itself in a day, it is an accumulation through time. Globalization may be loved or hated but I believe that it is the only way to move the world forward into a better future. It is alright if you dislike it, what’s important is that you understand it. We do not become who we are in a day but if we really want this dream to come true, we must move towards it. I hope that this article will be a contribution to a much brighter future for the human race. Thank you and May the Force be with you.

Good day to you, my discussion topic for today would be on Hypocrites. I would like to first reiterate that all of the following are my views of the world, it is alright if you do not like it, what’s important is that you understand it. What exactly are hypocrites? For those who do not know, Google it before you continue any further or everything below will all be gibberish to you. If you came here to only know where to find them, the answer is everywhere but if you want to understand more, be my guest and continue reading further. 

We are all hypocrites. That is a fact, but like everything else in the world, nothing is black or white besides the 2 colors. Some of us may not realize that we often criticize others without first looking at ourselves. One of the lasting quotes that I remembered from my younger days was from a motivational speaker named Lawrence Walter Ng. He said, ” To change, we must change 1st”. This requires a little deep thought but once it clicks, everything sparkles. Being a conscious hypocrite myself, I found that we tend to ignore our mistakes and weaknesses to make ourselves look better. I also realized that to understand how strong (very subjective but in any sense for this article) a person can become, we cannot judge him on his highest strengths or achievements at his peak.

This is a flaw of the society, how we have been brought up to think that we must have one event which defines us. “To define is to limit”. We should never let a certain event define who we become in the future. The true way to understand strength is by observing how a person is at his weakest point in life and the decisions that they make to come out of it. Have you ever wondered why there are some people who will become rich even though they were bankrupt once? And why some people can gain so much money and yet become poor? This depends entirely on how we are brought up. In a hypocritical society where everyone gives their comments and no one listens is a rather destructive one. In saying the previous sentence, I myself became a hypocrite once again because I used to think that way. Somehow or rather, a chain of events managed to lift me out.

To distinguish between different levels of hypocrisy, we must remember that nothing is black or white. You also need to hone your listening skills, I came across this from reading multiple books but I would like to connect the ideas and share them. This may sound silly, but listening is more often better than speaking. You can also spot hypocrisy by reading multiple articles of a specific person. I would like to say that the next few lines have no intent of defaming or degrading the person but rather explain the truths and facts about the situation in my view. Our current Prime Minister (I am from Malaysia if you didn’t know) for example often emphasizes on unity, he tells us that it is important to unite for the same cause. On the other hand, he segregates the different races into different political parties in Barisan National (the political party in power) through UMNO, MCA, MIC etc. If we want to really unite, we should join hands and become Malaysians, only then we will truly be united.

Besides that, there are thought provoking instances about the rights of the people and the amount of hypocrisy in their actions are mind blowing. I will first explain in a general sense and then go to specifics. What are rights? Again, please understand before continuing. We humans know deep inside that discriminating is wrong but yet we do it unconsciously. For example, we have Women’s Rights, Gay Rights, Bumiputera(Aborigines) Rights and many more. Aren’t we already discriminating them? It puzzles me that even small mistakes like these are made by people so much more intelligent than me.

Going into specifics, I would like to talk about Equal Rights between men and women. I have heard countless amounts of speeches that women should be given the same amount of opportunity and rights as men. I do not deny that it is necessary but the fact is, if you want equality, have equality in every aspect, not only certain ones. Again, this is how I view society. I really do not mind treating Women as equals but the problem about this thinking is that to them it does not cover everything. Have you ever witnessed Women Rights Activist who say that Women should be given the same opportunity to earn the same amount, climb the same height in companies and even get the same jobs as men but then later say that Women are too weak to carry some objects and that it is men’s job to do that. Do you sense hypocrisy in that? I definitely do.

I have been trying to change myself over the past few years but I find that it is a tremendous task to change how the society thinks. The society’s mind set is the core issue in almost every single social issue that is present. They demand for change yet refuse to change when they are advised to. Hypocrisy again. I would like to end here and will be happy to answer any of the questions that you have. Remember that these views are from my POV and that your view may not be exactly the same as mine but feel free to comment and provide your views so that we can understand how each of us think. Thank you for reading and May the Force be with you.

Well, this is my first ever blog post with no academic purposes. I doubt it will be read much but if it is, I would like to just share how I view the world.

First off, I have to introduce myself. My name is Chin Tzer Shyang or TS. I am an optimist in every sense you can imagine. I have learned that if you see the good in everything, everything will seem much better. Ideas come and go from my mind so often that sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep at night. Just recently, I have read a number of articles about suicides. Don’t worry, a person with my character will never do it but I have to admit that I understand why they do it. I have to be honest and say that all my life, I have never been bullied, well even if I really was, I didn’t feel I was bullied at all. One of the reason is because I am always so much bigger in size that people tend to fear me.

However, there are always bullies in the world who often pick on the weaker ones. If you really understand what bullying really is, you will realize it happens around you every day all the time. It has become a social dogma that people do not realize they are bullying until it becomes too late. Well, people always say that the victims of bullying should not have been so intimidated or should have asked for help. In fact, it is that the bullies should be stopped. They are the cause of the problems, not just in school but in life. We must remember that children always look for a role model and they will look up to their elders (not necessarily related to them). 

Next, we have to understand the different kinds of bullies that exist. The first and most abundant type is the aggressive type. They find victims when they have the chance and this happens their entire life. They have a thrill to bully and think that it is their right to bully the weaker people. They think that they are doing the right thing and that without their victims, the world would be a much better place. I do not say all of these by experience but rather observation. These bullies become who they are due to certain events that occur when they were young. For instance, when they were young, they were bullied by an elder person and they felt powerless to do anything. This stimulates their mind into remembering that bullying gives you power. Or maybe they tried bullying other people to get what they wanted and succeeded, then they felt that bullying can get them what they want.

We often see reports in papers and articles that talk about bullying in schools but we do not realize that even adults get bullied which leads to my previous point that kids look for a role model. Imagine a scenario of “Bring your kid to work day”. The employer brings his son(A) to work and shows him that he has power over everyone working under him whereas the employee brings his son(B) to work and tells him that you must follow whatever the boss asks you to do. In this scenario alone, (A) will most definitely look down at (B). (A) feels much more powerful and thinks that he must exert his power or flex his muscle to show that he really has power over (B). This leads to (A) always trying to prove himself to be the Alpha Male in every situation they are in and (B) always felling insecure, lacking in confidence in everything he does. Bullying can be seen even in work places, have people ever wondered whether they should write and article about the severity of work place bullying. I believe that there are some like minded people out there but we need more of them to curb bullying from the core. 

The things I write may seem stupid or outrageous but I must emphasize again that these are my views of the world and how I understand it. I may not have the experience to curb this situation but this article by itself may even cause a Butterfly Effect of the Chaos Theory and serve as a beginning of an era which bullying ceased to exist. Be an optimist and you will see the world in a much better lens. I have plenty more to write but I must limit myself as there are times when moderation is best and too long of an article will bore people. If you have reached this sentence, I thank you for reading it and hope that it encourages you to 1. Be an optimist and 2. Stop bullies. I have to remind you that there are different ways to stop bullies and that not everyone thinks the same. Instead to denying the ideas of others, help them improve it instead. Again, Thank You and May the Force be with you.

On the left side of the ring, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, a beginning of the George Lucas Star Wars Empire, captured the hearts of millions around the world by itself, all the upcoming sequences successes should be rightly attributed to the most epic movie that grossed a whopping $300mil, a stupendous amount for a film made in the late 1970s. On the right side of the ring, my first ever movie as a kid, the one, the only, Disney’s Lion King grossing almost a billion dollars worldwide and won the hearts of every kid who watched it. Both films depicts a story of a hero, when that happens we must definitely include the master of the Monomyth, Monsieur Joseph Campbell himself and his ever so wonderful book which says it all, “The Hero With A Thousand Faces”.  Before I begin comparing these two movies, I would like to point out that one man had significant parts in both movies, albeit not staring in them, his voice did all the work and created magic in both these magnificent films, that man is James Earl Jones.  “Life is a journey, not a destination” — Ralph Waldo Emerson, he is quite right in so many ways, let us begin to explore the magical and eventful life of both Luke Skywalker and Simba.

In both movies, the most important lesson it teaches us is the truth always hurts but we must understand it to improve ourselves. “With great power comes great responsibility” — Stan Lee. As we all know, when a person comes to power, it is almost impossible that he will voluntarily let go of it, therefore power must be handled with supreme care. This article tells of how the heroes rise to power, facing the various obstacles in life to eventually achieve their dream. They both live in an ordinary world, with the knowledge that their father have passed and carry on their lives with ‘relatives’ who nurture them since their separation from the respective families. Both are coincidentally met by a part of their past and as such the journey begins. The Call to Adventure is when the hero is offered a chance to go into once in a lifetime journey. Luke received his call while he was cleaning R2D2 (a droid previously owned by his father), which call came from a distressed Princess Leia who needed a help of someone named ‘Obi Wan Kenobi’ to help her and her people. The call continues as R2D2 wanders off and Luke tracks him down to eventually encounter an old hermit, Ben Kenobi who previously went by the name Obi Wan. Ben again offers Luke the chance to join him on and adventure and to save Princess Leia too. Simba encounters Nala, his childhood friend who advises Simba to return to the pride and reclaim his rightful spot as King of the Jungle subsequently restoring peace to the land again. The hero then refuses the call mostly due to responsibilities of their part. Luke refuses stating that he must remain in Tatooine to help his uncle and he had responsibilities that were given to him. Simba refuses because he feels responsible for his father’s death in the stampede which he thought he caused. Honestly, I believe that both Luke and Simba are afraid of change; they want to remain in the comfort zone that pleases them enough.

The influence of the supernatural aid is so crucial in the plot point of both these stories, they may come from objects or rituals but they are all the same, it gives the heroes a meaning to live life to the fullest. Luke received his father’s light saber from his mentor, Obi Wan and was shown the path of the Force, which he choose as he lost everything precious to him when the Empire raided his uncle’s house. Simba is also guided by his mentor, Rafiki, the baboon who tells Simba to look deep into his own self to realize his father is within him, an apparition of Mufasa is created by Rafiki. As Simba speaks to his father, his father stresses that Simba’s destiny was to be the true king of Pride Rock. As his father disappears into thin air, there is an echo to remind Simba to remember who he really is. The mentor shows us the path but we must tread it ourselves because we learn through experience and mistakes. Their next task is to cross the first threshold, into a place where they are vaguely familiar of or has never been before. Luke travels to Mos Eisley, a spaceport town with Obi Wan where they meet the guardian of the threshold and Obi Wan uses the Force to control the mind of imperial troops by saying one of my favorite quotes of the Star Wars franchise. “These are not the droids you are looking for”, some sort of Jedi mind control that amazes young Luke. They enter the belly of the whale in ways of their own unsure of the future that awaits them; Luke enters it as the Millennium Falcon gets caught in the Death Star’s tractor beam and Simba when he leaves his childhood behind to take his rightful place in Pride Rock.

The initiation of their journey is underway as soon as they encounter the road of trials; they face these obstacles with the help of their friends. Luke has the courageous Han Solo and his Wookie companion Chewbacca to help him rescue Princess Leia, the one who plead for Obi Wan’s help at the beginning of the movie. His mentor, Obi Wan however leaves to shutdown the tractor beam so that the crew can escape. Before he left, Obi Wan said,”The Force will be with you, always”. Besides the light saber, the Force is a Jedi’s true weapon, more powerful than anything else you can imagine and Luke’s longer trial was to master the ways of the force. They encountered Darth Vader’s minions, the Imperial Storm Troopers along the way, knock them cold and took their uniforms to blend in with the others. The later trial was when they were trapped in the trash compactor of the Death Star. Simba had the help of Timon and Pumbaa, his close friends when no one were there for him and lifted by the single most cheerful song you will ever hear, ”Hakuna Matata” when he was in despair after his father’s death. Nala also accompanied him back to Pride Rock to face his father’s true killer, the sly and evil Scar who also has his own set of minions, the Hyenas. Both Luke and Simba met the Goddesses in the early part, although Luke did not know it yet, Princess Leia was actually his twin sister separated at birth. Simba however knew Nala and from the time we see them as cubs, we know they were meant to be together. This part of the story is slightly different to separate these movies in their own way. In Woman as Temptress, Luke had feelings for Leia when they met but we are unsure whether it was sibling love or emotionally attracted to her. I would suspect the latter and the few things holding him back were his need to master the force and the presence of Han Solo who looks attractive Princess Leia, basically he got family zoned by his own sister. Simba’s case was a normal one, childhood friends becoming best friends and eventually life partners. Her beauty when she grew up captivated his imagination and emotions, there was no one else but her just like Jake Sully from “Avatar” said that he choose Neytiri above everyone else. This love is mostly manifested when the two potential couples spend a lot of time around of each other, getting used to their presence in the process.

The Atonement with the Father was a rather difficult part to find in Luke’s journey because he was told that his father was killed by Darth Vader (We know later in the franchise that Vader was actually the father with a dramatic scene where he says to Luke, “I am your father”) but Obi Wan was the father figure in his journey and his atonement was to master the ways of the Force to become a true Jedi Knight. Simba got his atonement when he was about to slip down the cliff and Scar tells him that it was not Simba who was responsible for Mufasa’s death but Scar himself. Simba becomes relieved of this news but at the same time was pissed that Scar did it. The Apotheosis was so obvious in Star Wars with the scene of the Mentor, Obi Wan battling Darth Vader to delay him from capturing the other crew members. Obi Wan fought well but his age failed him as he succumbed to the supreme power of the Sith Lord. Obi Wan’s death devastated our hero but he soon realized that Obi Wan has become one with the Force and accepts that everyone will die. Simba realizing he was not the true cause of Mufasa’s death (actually he is indirectly responsible but let us not get to that) leaps above Scar and pounces onto him. Scar was frightened by his sudden rise in physical strength and flees away, Simba consequently giving chase and backs him to the top of the Pride Rock. Scar puts on a pathetic cry baby look and begs for mercy, claiming that he is family and the real enemies are the hyenas. Hearing this, the hyenas attacked their previous master for his betrayal, killing him in the process. The Ultimate Boon was a different thing for both Luke and Simba. Luke always had the boon which was the Death Star plans in R2D2 but as they were still in danger, he could not receive it yet. As they leave in the Millennium Falcon, they practically confirm the safety of the plans. Simba received his when Scar was defeated, claiming his place on the top of Pride Rock where he walks through the rain to hear his father speak to him to become the true King.

The return from the journey for both Luke and Simba are worlds apart, so different but with the same ending. The return of Simba was rather simple, he did not refuse to return as King as he knew it was his duty that must be accomplished. His magical flight was through the rain and magically sees his father’s image which spoke directly to him to affirm his place as King. Simba crossed the return threshold by rebuilding Pride Rock which became barren during Scar’s rule. He made it a better place for the animals in his kingdom and served as the good king they deserved. Simba got his freedom to live when he marries Nala and have cubs with her, relinquished his anger for his father’s death and anticipates a whole new life with his newfound loved ones. Luke had a much more sophisticated return than his counterpart. Luke refused to return when he saw Vader murder his mentor, releasing his anger (the Sith’s true power comes from anger) by shooting at the Storm Troopers giving chase. He ignored the pleas of his friends to escape and only did so when the voice of Obi Wan came to him saying, “Run, Luke, Run” (reminded me of “Run, Forrest, Run” in the movie starring Tom Hanks, “Forest Gump”). They enter the Millennium Falcon and go on a magical flight in space, in the process falling into the trap that was laid to allow them to escape so that the Empire could get their route towards the Rebel’s hidden base. He returns not to Tatooine but to Yavin 4 where he relays the Death Star plans to the Rebellion Army. They rapidly figured out a method to destroy the threat and deployed Luke Skywalker in one of the fighter jets. Han Solo refused to help them because it was none of his business when they requested for his aid. The only way to destroy a Death Star is by shooting proton torpedoes (totally not related to Proton in anyway) down the shaft at a specific trench. 2 groups were assigned to that single task and failed because of Darth Vader’s prowess in gunning down the rebel ships with his own TIE fighter jet. Luke took upon that task and as he approaches the trench, Obi Wan advises him to trust the Force to ‘guide’ him when targeting torpedo (we call this blind faith in religious sense). Just as Vader got a lock on to Luke’s fighter, The Millennium Falcon comes out of nowhere, destroys 2 Imperial fighters escorting Vader and eliminates the threats giving Luke the time he needed to concentrate. He hits the mark perfectly few milliseconds before the beam was supposed to be fired on Yavin 4. The Death Star exploded like supernova, killing everyone in it. Vader lives to fight another day. They have won freedom, but are still under threat from the clutches of the Empire and even this does not stop them from having a small celebration to reward the saviors.

The Hero’s Journey or the Monomyth is an amazing concept to decipher the hidden secrets of the movies, that all movies are different and yet the same. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope and Lion King are both movies that have come out through phantasmagoric imagination of the screen writers and credits to the authors of the respective books. These 2 movies are written based on the exact thing, some call it the Force; some call it the Circle of Life. Whichever we choose to understand, we must know that there is definitely one thing in the universe that governs the way we live and die. “It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else” said Erma Bombeck. Advancement in film technologies brought about today’s essentials such as Chroma Key and Animation through which the directors present to us their ever wonderful dreams in magnificent sets. Much credit should be given to Joseph Campbell for his time doing research that inspired us to compare movies especially in his book “The Hero With A Thousand Faces”. I would like to end this essay with two quotes from George Melies who inspired almost every director that succeeded him.

“If you’ve ever wondered where your dreams come from, you look around… this is where they’re made”— George Melies

“My friends, I address you all tonight as you truly are; wizards, mermaids, travellers, adventurers, magicians… Come and dream with me.”— George Melies